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Will Hubbard

My name is Will Hubbard. I came to No Longer Bound in 2007, and this is my story. I was born on November 15th 1975. At the age of one, my father passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. I was raised by a widowed…

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Vince McDowell

The inner-healing class was a discovery process for me. Simply put, who is the real Vince McDowell: THis class revealed to me the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly parts of my life. I learned how to forgive myself of my wrong doing, and others…

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Tommy Appling

In 2002, I got two DUI’s, and it was at that point I knew my life had hit the bottom. I had lost everything… relationships with my family, my baseball scholarship, and my truck! My brother, Wesley, told me about No Longer Bound. I walked…

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Stephanie Ellenburg

No Longer Bound really saved me when my car broke down and I had no way to take my kids to the doctor, and my little girl to school. They sold me a wonderful car for $100. If they hadn’t done that for me, I…

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Rand Eberhard

My name is Rand Eberhard. God saved my life when I arrived at No Longer Bound in 2001.  Little did I know, this was where and when my ministry would begin. For the first time, I was surrounded by men who were impacted by the…

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Mark and Niki Smith

I can’t say that I have always believed in miracles; however, I experienced one at No Longer Bound in 2007/2008.  Our family was nearly destroyed by the fall of 2007.  Our three small children’s futures looked far from stable. I was afraid for them, afraid for…

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Brian Rehn

My name is Brian Rehn. I was born in the North but raised in the South and recently felt like I was born for the first time at 26 years old. Originally, I was raised to respect the church by my mother and to…

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Brandon Rayburn

I vividly remember the morning before my entrance interview into No Longer Bound. It was January of 2010, I realized I was on the verge of losing everything and wondering for the life of me how it had come to this. I, like many other…

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Ben Armstrong

My name is Ben Armstrong, and I entered No Longer Bound in 2007. Before I came here, my life was out of control. One morning I overdosed on a cocktail of drugs and found myself in a coma. After three days, I woke up in…

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Ashley Demonbreun

My name is Ashley, and my dad, Blake Chapman, first came to No Longer Bound in August 2005. Every little girl wants a daddy to play with, to love her and to nurture her. A daddy she can trust to be there for her no…

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