Food Program

In order to have a greater impact in our community, our Food Ministry distributes a variety of essential food items to needy families, individuals, partner programs and churches. In addition to serving over 75 families each month through our on-site food distribution program, we also feed needy individuals in the community, and support over forty other residential ministries on a weekly basis (most often as their primary source of food).

How can you get involved?

The No Longer Bound Food Ministry is possible solely because of local businesses and generous individuals who donate food items. We welcome contributions of all kinds and send our trucks out regularly to receive them. We accept any and all food items, including cooked meals, canned goods, and frozen foods. We also will gladly accept any kitchenware, utensils, cooking products (oils and spices), storage containers, plastic ware, beverages, and cleaning products. You can be sure that your donations will be used to benefit our own facilities or the most appropriate recipient.

If you are interested in assisting us with these needs or qualifying for our food program, please contact us at:
770.886.7873 or .

Did You Know that the NLB Food Program:

  • Feeds about 150 needy individuals per day
  • Supplies over 40 ministries each week as their primary source of food
  • Has been hosting a community food-drive program for 20 years
  • Distributes over 2,000 pounds of food items on a daily basis
  • Receives food-related donations from 25 separate sources monthly, including major grocery stores and restaurant chains, private businesses, churches, and distribution centers
  • Has over 833 square-feet of space designated solely for food storage
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