NLB-Mike-Harden-History-2No Longer Bound was founded by Michael Harden. As a former Marine, Mike had returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam (1968-69) with a new battle to fight: a powerful addiction to cocaine. Mike found freedom from his addiction through a personal relationship and encounter with Jesus and received the vision to start No Longer Bound.

Originally, the ministry borrowed a three-bedroom house in rural Georgia. Only three desperate men arrived to attend the program, but they started building nonetheless. One by one, the men continued to arrive, seeking help from their addictions. As the program grew in size and success, it quickly became a home and refuge to those who had given up (or were given up on) by life. Before long, this house of healing adopted the name “New Freedom Lodge.”

NLB-Mike-Harden-History-1No Longer Bound was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution in 1991, and moved from being a halfway house to a structured drug and alcohol program. The initial residential program commitment was six months, but as time passed, the program was extended to a 10-month commitment and eventually became the 12-month long residential regeneration process it is today.

Each year, over 120 men come to NLB in hopes of finding freedom from their addiction to drugs or alcohol. The regeneration program maintains approximately a 70% graduation rate but focuses its benchmark on the success of each graduate after graduating.

All of this has been possible because of the vision of one man who chose to make it his life’s legacy to end addiction in the world, one life at a time. Watch below and see how it all started: