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The Hug: The Power of Love

When a man arrives at No Longer Bound, bags packed for a yearlong stay, he is defeated, hopeless, and ashamed. He checks in at the Admissions office, then walks down the driveway towards a new life, passing men he does not yet know. To his…

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Where Do We Go From Here? The Benefit of Work

One of the biggest challenges for a man in early recovery is avoiding those well-worn pathways that led to addiction in the first place. Staying sober isn’t enough. Creating a new and meaningful life requires new ways of thinking, new relationships, and, often, new career…

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The Root Cause of Everything: Core Beliefs

By: Edward Bailey Even before recognizing I was an addict, over and over, I tried to change what I didn’t like about myself. My damaging behaviors. The things that got me into trouble. The things I did that made me feel never good “enough.”  And…

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