Regeneration Program

Program Overview

The Regeneration Program at No Longer Bound is a 12-month, residential, process of regeneration. This process differs greatly from a conventional rehabilitation program. We believe addiction to be a symptom of a life fragmented by relational wounds, broken beliefs, sustained rejection, and the resulting disintegration of meaningful intimate relationships. The regeneration process at No Longer Bound involves resolving wounds of the past, repairing damaged belief systems, restoring relational health, and facilitating lasting intimacy with God, Self and Others. We believe this process of regeneration is the prescription for life long freedom from addiction.

Each year 108 residents are served through our Regeneration Program at NLB gaining freedom from their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Our program maintains approximately a 70%  graduation rate, however, we focus more on the overall success of each graduate, and their continued ability to develop lasting intimacy with God, Self, and Others after graduation.


Additional Programs

Discipleship Program – After successfully graduating the Regeneration Program, a graduate may choose to stay for the Discipleship Program. Discipleship is an additional 10-month internship that serves to continue the graduate’s personal process of healing while also developing invaluable leadership training through key positions and roles within the ministry and industries.

Aftercare Program – After successfully graduating the Regeneration Program or Discipleship Program, a graduate may choose to participate in our Aftercare Program. Aftercare includes monthly Alumni Gatherings, and transitional living opportunities designed to assist a graduate in finding gainful employment, reliable transportation, and housing in a healthy and accountable environment with other No Longer Bound Graduates.