I vividly remember the morning before my entrance interview into No Longer Bound. It was January of 2010, I realized I was on the verge of losing everything and wondering for the life of me how it had come to this. I, like many other addicts, had the uncanny ability to deceive myself into thinking that I was in control of the train wreck I called my life. I had been suffering by my own hand for 10 years. Drugs and alcohol ruled me. I saw no possible way out.

From the beginning No Longer Bound provided me with hope for something better. They addressed the root of the problem while working with me to restore what really mattered, my family. I began to realize that my life was not in my own hands. That God was real and that He was at work within me. That hope grew into a lasting peace that I still carry with me today. This is something I know I could not have achieved on my own.