I can’t say that I have always believed in miracles; however, I experienced one at No Longer Bound in 2007/2008.  Our family was nearly destroyed by the fall of 2007.  Our three small children’s futures looked far from stable. I was afraid for them, afraid for us all.  My husband, Mark, had struggled with an addiction to drugs & alcohol for most of his life, and we were losing him to it every day.  All I wanted was for him to stop.  I wanted my husband back; I wanted our family to be whole. 

By the time our third child was born in April of 2007, our focus as a family wasn’t on our new baby as it should have been, but was painfully on the addict who was spiraling out of control. Mark tried for years, on his own to stop drinking & drugging, but failed over & over. After an overdose in 2007, we became desperate. We began trying to get him some help (some real help.) Through our church, specifically our small group leaders, we learned of No Longer Bound. 

Mark entered into the program at NLB on September 4th, 2007, and God began His work in our family. We couldn’t see each other for the first 60 days, and though this seemed painful, the healing & restoration was underway. Through God’s grace, and the anointed staff at No Longer Bound, our lives were literally being transformed week after week. Mark was finally able to develop a real relationship with God, and to break the bonds of addiction through this new relationship. The program was challenging and exhausting in every way necessary, BUT IT WORKS!

Mark is a living breathing example of the triumphs that happen at No Longer Bound every day! I’m proud of him & love him more than I could ever put into words. I’ve learned to be grateful for addiction. It’s amazing how God has used it for His glory. In surrendering ourselves to the Lord, He wrapped us in His love, covered us in His provisions, and restored us, TRULY restored us. I’m completely humbled to have been part of such an incredible Christ-Centered experience. Mark has been COMPLETELY sober now for 3.5 years, and has a true love for life again. Our relationship with God, as a family, has never been stronger. The love & gratitude we have for No Longer Bound is indescribable.