My name is Will Hubbard. I came to No Longer Bound in 2007, and this is my story. I was born on November 15th 1975. At the age of one, my father passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. I was raised by a widowed mother who over-compensated for my father’s death by creating this perfect boy in her head she wanted me to be. This eventually pushed me into rebellion. I just wanted to be loved for who I was and not have to live up to the expectations of being the perfect little boy. I know my mom didn’t mean any harm. She was trying to do the best she could for me, but it ended up pushing me away.

By the age of 13, I began to travel the long road of drug addiction. I was stealing my mom’s cigarettes, telling her I was staying at a friend’s house, and staying out all night drinking beer. We would bribe homeless people into buying us beer by giving them some. It wasn’t long after that I was introduced to smoking pot. I did this for most of my teenage years, and then I was arrested for the first time for stealing beer when I was 18.

Soon after my arrest, I tried cocaine for the first time and my addiction really took off. By the time I was 21, I was smoking crack cocaine and was a full blown, hard-core drug addict. For the next 11 years… I was caught in this vicious cycle of addiction. I was in and out of jail and destroying all the relationships of people who cared and loved me. I was like a tornado tearing through life leaving nothing behind except pain and destruction.

Finally at the age of 32, I was sitting in a jail cell facing prison time with nowhere to turn and nobody to help me. I had never felt so alone in my life. It was at this point I gave up and surrendered my life to God! It was amazing, not long after I had made that decision, God started opening doors for me and I wound up at No Longer Bound! God worked a miracle in me through this program. I was able to gain a strong, intimate relationship with God. With Him by my side, I was able to venture back all the way to my childhood and find the brokenness that was fueling my addiction. Then, I was able to invite Jesus in, and he healed the brokenness! By the time I left No Longer Bound, God had healed all the broken relationships with my family and restored them to be better than they’d ever been. Today I am grateful to say that I had no idea life could be this good!