“For over a decade, No Longer Bound’s fall banquet has been an opportunity to educate the community on the plight of addiction, while celebrating the life change that happens through our Regeneration Program. Like many individuals and organizations, No Longer Bound felt the financial impact of COVID-19, but we also felt the incredible love and support of our community who leaned in hard to keep saving lives. Your support came through loud and clear: “These men matter and so do their families.” 

In July 2021, the Center for Disease Control reported that “accidental overdose” is now the number one cause of death in the United States for Americans under 50.

Social isolation and the anxiety of our times creates the perfect breeding ground for dysfunctional coping methods. Unfortunately, addiction and overdose deaths do not impact just the addict. Parents, spouses, children, siblings and loved ones are also impacted by addiction and overdose. 

No Longer Bound began 2021 with a renewed commitment to the men we serve and their families. The HEAL A FAMILY campaign is an opportunity for you to join us in saying, “Families Matter.

Family Recovery workshops, support groups, more family and marriage counseling, and the expansion of our curriculum for families are just a few of the efforts we hope to grow with this campaign.

Help heal families.
Our goal: $500,000

Every gift helps save a man from addiction and helps heal a family.

how can i support the heal a family campaign?

host an event >

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Host an Event

Let us help you host a small gathering in your home, the location of your choice or even virtually. Invite friends and family for a fancy or casual meal, and share your passion for saving men in addiction. This is an excellent way to help us mobilize people to save lives and heal families. We look forward to supporting you with a presentation or the content. 

Create Your Own Page

A Personal Donation form is a personal donation page created for you by No Longer Bound (like a Kickstarter Campaign or a Facebook Birthday fundraiser.) Customize your donation page with photos and your personal story, then share it with friends and family via social media or email. This is an amazing way to use your social network to destigmatize addiction while raising money to save lives and heal families.

Scroll down to “Create my own fundraising page” to get started!

Make a Gift

Every gift helps save a man from addiction and helps heal a family. Another way to fundraise is by sharing your gift and asking your friend and family to join you and support the Heal a Family campaign.

Be Creative

We are so grateful for any way you wish to honor and support No Longer Bound. Make this effort YOURS. Create a campaign at work. Access your company’s matching gifts program. Engage your neighbors or church friends. Write letters to friends and family. Whatever you decide, use this opportunity to share your passion for the plight of addiction and spiritual transformation. 

TOGETHER we can save lives.

Connect with us today to get started!

How much should I donate or fundraise?


Sponsors a Family Recovery Workshop


Sponsors a full year of Family and Marriage Counseling


Covers partial scholarship for a man with financial need


Saves a life by covering a full scholarship


Helps expand our staff and services

Contact us

For assistance in planning or scheduling an event,
please contact: 

Carol Smith
Chief Revenue Officer
(678) 679-1174
[email protected]

For technical assistance with donation forms or giving,
please contact:

Anayely Moreno
Development Administrative
(678) 679-1174
[email protected]