• What if YOUNITED?

    One voice for change is a raindrop, a community for change is a waterfall.
  • Rescuing Addicts

    providing broken and willing individuals with a place of escape from addiction
  • Regenerating Men

    fostering true freedom that comes through the deep and difficult process of regeneration
  • Reconciling Families

    creating organized opportunities for hurting families to recover from the damage of addiction




No Longer Bound offers a 12-month long, in-patient, regeneration process to rescue addicts, regenerate men, and reconcile families. We believe addiction to be a symptom of a life damaged by wounds and malformations of rejection and the resulting disintegration of intimacy with God, Self, and Others. The regeneration process at No Longer Bound involves resolving wounds of the past, repairing damaged belief systems, restoring relational health, and facilitating lasting intimacy with God, Self and Others. We believe this process of regeneration is the prescription for life long freedom from addiction.

Facilitating Lasting Intimacy with God, Self, and Others.

Our Stories

Stories of hope and healing, redemption and reconciliation.