Beyond Sobriety


Beyond Sobriety

Transformation Beyond Sobriety

No Longer Bound is a long-term, residential, faith-based program for men in addiction. We have a full staff of clinical therapists, recovery specialists, and medical professionals. More importantly, we are men and women impacted by addiction. We’ve been where you are and we’re here to help.

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why no longer Bound

Individual Plans. Evidence-based Therapies. Group Counseling. Spiritual Formation. Family Recovery. Vocational Training. Medical Supervision. Recreation. Mentorship. Case Management.

This comprehensive approach is designed to transform your life beyond sobriety through lasting intimacy with God, self and others.

Premier Treatment

We are one of the nation’s premier treatment facilities, but we are also one of the least expensive.


You are not an insurance reimbursement to us. You are a man who needs a second chance at life.

We Invest in our Men

We care so much about healing men from addiction, we actually raise money for each man we admit to supplement the cost of care.

We’re Here to Help

We know addiction wreaks havoc on finances. Our admissions team is expert at helping you find creative ways to afford our program.

The elements of regeneration


Real change takes time. Addiction isn’t about willpower. Quick fixes don’t work, but you already know that.

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Faith-based at No Longer Bound means we are a safe place to express doubt and explore your questions about God.

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Vocational Training

Workplace environments create purpose in your day and give you an opportunity to learn something new.

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“Over and over, the men here keep showing me they don’t want anything from me. They actually care about me. The healing that happens here is amazing, once you get out of your own way.”


“No Longer Bound is different from the other treatment program I’ve been to, because most of the staff has been through the program. They have passion and believe in the program. They take the time to know and understand our most inner selves and inspire change from there.”


“Freedom means many things to me these days. Most importantly, it means a second chance at life. A second chance to love myself and others, a second chance to give back hope and healing through music, and above all, freedom means a second chance to be the man God fashioned me to be.”


One whole year

Research shows that long-term sobriety is dependent on adequate length of treatment. Most treatment programs, driven by insurance, allow fourteen to twenty-one days of care. No Longer Bound is a twelve-month program, giving men the time they need to uncover the root cause of their addiction, so they can find lasting freedom.