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a program that fights for the freedom of the broken-hearted.

How We’re Different

Long-Term = Real Change

Real change takes time. One full year of treatment affords men the time they need to take a hard look at what’s going on and why life seems so hard.


When we say faith-based, we don’t mean Bible summer camp. We mean we believe long-term sobriety and relational health comes from intimacy with God, self, and others. Because we want to help our residents figure out who God is, we have created a safe environment for men to express doubt and explore questions.

Our Graduates Work

Once our residents get sober, they need a good job. Maybe they want a whole new career. Work can be more than just a way to pay the bills. The right career can provide meaning and purpose. NLB’s job training and our network of supporters means 100% of our men find full-time jobs by the time they graduate.

Family Reconciliation

Family Reconciliation is a process, not a one-time event. That’s why weekly Family Recovery meetings, monthly workshops and family therapy are designed to support our residents and their loved ones navigate forgiveness, acceptance, boundaries, and restoration.


We don’t use the word “rehabilitate” at No Longer Bound, because to rehabilitate means to return to your former state and that’s where the addiction began. No Longer Bound is a Regeneration Program because to regenerate means to make something new.


Research shows, unequivocally, that long-term sobriety is dependent on length of treatment. Most insurance companies suggest 14 to 21 days of treatment is enough. But you know that isn’t enough. True change takes time, and No Longer Bound believes that to our core.

Lasting Change

By investing nine to twelve months to working on themselves, our residents double their chances of staying sober forever. A full year of sobriety under their belt means they will be well on their way to a life free from addiction.

Vocational Training

No Longer Bound’s work place environments are designed to prepare men for what comes next. Because we care about their life after treatment, we’re going to give them much more than a lot of smoke breaks. We’re going to give them purpose in their day, job training and employment opportunities. Learn More

Beliefs Drives Behaviors

Many of our problems come from how we think: “I can control my use.” “I can’t control my use.” “I’m no good.” “Something’s wrong with me.” Addiction is not a problem of willpower. We want to help our residents figure out what they think and why.


We are not meant to live life alone. No Longer Bound is a campus full of men who have been where you are. We know what addiction feels like. In fact, many of our staff are graduates of our program. They remember making the decision to come and “walk down the hill” to meet the other residents. They remember their first day. We’ve been where you are, and that’s why we care.

Want to know what a day in the life is like at No Longer Bound?

“Since being at No Longer Bound, I’ve developed more of a relationship with my little boy in six hour passes than I did in the whole six years of him being alive.”



Evidence-Based Therapies

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), trauma therapies such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and other experiential therapies help identify and replace unhealthy thought patterns as well as build resources for new ways of thinking. We equip residents with ways to manage stress, triggers, and navigate relationships, so they can experience life in a whole new way.

Individualized Care Plans

No single approach is right for everyone. No Longer Bound combines clinical treatment with our classroom-based Regeneration model. We want our men to uncover the root cause of their addiction and be fully supported as they find lasting freedom.

Medically Supervised

A full staff of healthcare providers make sure our residents stay healthy and have the support they need around the clock.

Residential Care

Living and working on campus keep our men safe and fully supported for one full year. Plus, our therapeutic staff support our residents as they are reintroduced to the most important relationships into their lives in a healthy, supportive way.

It was a long year, but everything you learn, you can use when you leave. Look at this opportunity as an investment. No Longer Bound not only saved my life, but they made me who I am today.”


Family Recovery

Contrary to what people think, the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.

Because we believe so strongly that sustained recovery is dependent on healthy relationships, No Longer Bound provides weekly couples and family counseling along with Family Recovery meetings every Sunday.

Plus, once-a-month, men and their loved ones participate in half-day workshops to learn about boundaries, acceptance, forgiveness, and self-care. 

We provide wives, parents, siblings and adult children a full year of opportunities to learn the same lessons as our men—that relational health comes from lasting intimacy with God, self and others.

Real-life change

“Through the in-depth curriculum, God’s guidance, and my brothers along the way, I learned I would be able to overcome anything with them.”


“Compared to my other treatment experiences, No Longer Bound was very different. Here, I was given the space to fully experience my gut-wrenching hopelessness. Feeling loved at my worst was supernatural. For that I will always be grateful.”


“If there is one thing I learned at No Longer Bound, it was that we suffer together. When one man made a mistake, we were all held responsible. We worked together! No man was left behind. This principle moved me out of my self-focus, so I could experience pain and joy with others.”