At No Longer Bound, our vision is to transform lives beyond sobriety through connection to God, self, and others. We believe that each role on our team is crucial to accomplishing that goal, and we are looking for talented, passionate people to fill those roles.

We love having a diverse staff, both in demographics and ways of thinking, but we have learned that it is crucial that we are on the same page in a few key areas. If you are thinking about a position at No Longer Bound, ask yourself these questions to see if you would be a good fit:


4 Questions to Answer Before Applying

1. Is your primary goal and motivation personal recognition?

If your first response was “Yes!” then you’ll probably find yourself frustrated at No Longer Bound.
Neither you nor anyone on the No Longer Bound team can be focused on making their own name great. In fact, people who are in it for themselves stick out.
We must be humble in our approach, serving our donors, customers, residents, and staff.

2. Does the idea of working solo excite you?

Well…everyone at No Longer Bound is part of a team.
Some roles work more closely with other departments than others, but everyone must be able to collaborate, be open to suggestions, and communicate well.

3. Would you describe yourself as someone who takes ownership?

If there’s one all-encompassing value at No Longer Bound, it’s this: “Take Ownership.”
Whether you work in one of our thrift stores, in an office, or on campus with our men, we are known by our intentional effort to take ownership and leave our space better than we found it.
If you consider ownership as a defining trait, keep reading.

4. Would you like to see lives changed every day?

It’s ok to say “yes” to this question.
Because each day you’re in the office, you will get to hear stories of lives and families changed.
We know that this is hard work, but we are motivated by the life change that is happening on our campus and in their families. Addicts are rescued, men are regenerated, and families are reconciled, and none of that would be possible without our staff and donors.

Wondering where you might fit on the team?

If you answered the 4 questions above and think you’re a good fit, take a look at our open job positions. Check out the positions we currently have available to see what matches your passion and experience