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Winning a courageous battle

Brandon Rayburn
Featured in our Nov. 2021 newsletter

Brandon’s daughter wrote a special Father’s Day letter in 2016.

Brandon Rayburn
Featured in our Nov. 2021 newsletter

Abandoned by his father, his girlfriend murdered, Dustin pulled himself out of a very dark place.
From college basketball to pizza delivery, Jonathan lost his family but with the help of No Longer Bound™ he found God’s grace.
Greg’s story is proof that long-term recovery is attainable and that a great life outside of addiction is possible.
Dusty grew up in an alcoholic home, but because of No Longer Bound, he now plans on keeping parts of his childhood—the good parts.
Finding a feeling of belonging and a sense of love – Tyler’s story.
Maurice never imagined the life he’s now living would ever be possible.
A man drowning, near death from alcohol addiction—Joe is now in recovery, a loving, present father to his children.
Edward Bailey, executive directory of No Longer Bound™ from 2014 to 2021, shares his personal testimony.
Following in his son’s footsteps John came to No Longer Bound to Change his own life — a humbling experience that changed everything.
We are honored to share Bradley’s baptism story, made possible through God and our friends at North Point Community Church.
Friends-for-a-fix led Michael to heroin but it was a fatal car crash that took his wife that prompted him to honor her by enrolling at No Longer Bound.

The change in Pat Marchman began when he surrendered to the fact that he couldn’t control his substance abuse.